Reading Revitalized

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I feel as if I can breathe again. The air in my lungs have exhaled a thick intoxicating smog. Slowly going through my lungs directly into my chest, is the fresh air that I needed. I can say that I am beginning to feel happiness again. And I can say that slowly, some of my favorite pastimes are returning into my life.

With the difficulty of the past month, I’ve felt really defeated. If you recall my last post, I have been going through quite a bit and it is still affecting me. But with each day that passes, my depression seems to be on a slow decline. I find myself doing the very things that had NOT brought any joy for the past month, such as watching film, listening to music, and for the sake of this post, reading. I find myself doing these things again.

Things were so estranged that I had completely stopped reading the book that I had been about halfway through…but now I can say within just a few days, I conquered that book and enjoyed every second of it. And that book was…

Robert Mitchum: Baby, I Don’t Care (2001) by Lee Server

I finally finished this insane biography on the one-and-only, Robert Mitchum. The amount of debaucherous lunacy that Mitchum was involved in both his filmmaking and outside in his personal life, is worth the read alone. The man had a troubled life with many demons that both helped and hinder his career, his relationships, and his outlook on the world. I want to give a special shoutout to Raquel Stecher for putting this book on my radar, and giving that nudge to go ahead and pick it up. Albeit, I borrowed it from the library and renewed it at least 3 times 😅

Now how to move forward?

Finishing my first book of 2021 has really got me excited for what I could potentially do this year in terms of a goal. So I will set myself with a light one…let’s set the goal of reading 21 books for 2021. Tis the year after all. That means that I have 20 more books to read and I have decided that these could be anything fiction or nonfiction.

Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel (2013) by Christina Rice

The next book that I have on the horizon is the other book that I have renewed 3 times, which is Ann Dvorak: Hollywood’s Forgotten Rebel by Christina Rice. I was recommended this title from both Raquel and Veebs, and have been looking forward to this one for a long time, so thank you both. And this is still just the start of the year!

The air seems to be returning to my lungs and the pages smell fresh off the press. I am happy to be reading again, and I am happy to be moving forward just a page at a time.

What do you think of my challenge? Do you have any book challenges or any other sort of challenge for 2021?

Thanks for reading, I’m not Jonesing around 😉

2 thoughts on “Reading Revitalized

  1. It’s amazing how much joy the little things in life bring us (i.e. films, music, books, etc). I’m so happy to hear your mood has been lifted and that you’re back to doing what you love most – watching movies, listening to music and reading (awesome) books.

    Back when I used to have a Goodreads account, I used to set myself a reading goal each year but I learned that setting myself a number of books to read in 365 days put a lot of pressure on me. Over time, reading became like a competition – would I achieve my goal, or would I fail? I ultimately chose to get rid of Goodreads after that and I never set myself a reading goal again. I don’t ever want reading to feel like a contest, y’know? However, having said all that, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you or others. Happy reading! (and watching! and listening!)

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    1. Thanks Veebs 🙂 I hope to continue with all these lovely mediums and know that I can get a little joy out of them, although it is the relationships that I have with others that truly makes my love of them more special.

      You bring up an excellent point of potentially putting pressure on oneself, for something like a reading goal. I’ll do my best to just try and enjoy the ride of 2021 and the goal can be something of a light achievement that I am working towards. Thanks for reading and for caring, I appreciate you!


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