Five Music Singles for Your Afternoon

Push the play button. Set the needle down. Insert the cd…the space between the music and the silence fills the air around you. The record pops. The cd spins. The satellite transmits data to your phone, and you find yourself elsewhere. You get lost in the static emitting through your ears. Whichever way you listenContinue reading “Five Music Singles for Your Afternoon”

Where Inspiration Lay

Relaxed in contended opulence Draining an insatiable nectar Rays of pinion glide upward Cascading over hills and valleys Miles away, an endless daze An ebb and flow of torment Disseminating hope A glimmer that blinds That spark shone through Where inspiration lay Has always been within you Where does your inspiration lay? Are you inspiredContinue reading “Where Inspiration Lay”

Five Albums Currently on My Radar

Walking out the venue door, boots sticking to the ground covered with beer. It’s the last thing I can remember. My ears were still ringing as I took out my plugs and tossed them into the trash. A whiff of fresh cold air struck my exhausted and aching body, luckily I had my leather jacketContinue reading “Five Albums Currently on My Radar”

I’ve been going to counseling

Glazing over the words, getting lost within a world. Stories unbound from the tether of the pages and seep into my pores. Peering out of of my daze are the worries of responsibility and a want for moving past the constant desire for more. The leaves are piling up…it’s the little things. Let’s take aContinue reading “I’ve been going to counseling”