Five Music Singles for Your Afternoon

Clint Eastwood listens to records at his home in 1959.  (CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Push the play button. Set the needle down. Insert the cd…the space between the music and the silence fills the air around you. The record pops. The cd spins. The satellite transmits data to your phone, and you find yourself elsewhere. You get lost in the static emitting through your ears. Whichever way you listen to music, one things certain, we all love music (or should… I know people who don’t, damn them).

Music fuels creativity, inspiration, and discovery. And what better way to start an afternoon, then to discover some new tunes? It won’t take much of your time either, I have decided to highlight five current singles from some of the artists that I love. Each artist and song covers different aspects of my musical taste; it’s perfectly okay to not like any of them. These singles are just nibbles for the potential rabbit hole that you may find yourself heading down. Without further delay, here are five singles for your afternoon…

KAUAN – ‘Raivo’ | Listen here on YouTube

Kauan has been one of my favorite bands of the past 5 years. This band’s background is all over the place, as they formed in Russia, sing in Finnish, and live in Estonia! Kauan delivers a unique blend of black metal, folk, and post-metal straight to the heart. “Raivo” showcases that blend perfectly; slowly soaring into a crescendo of darkness and fading into stillness. I would HIGHLY recommend you take a listen to an entire album of theirs (check out Kaiho, the album before this), as they are a band that you can get lost with in the aether.

Sharon Van Etten – ‘On Your Way Now’ | Listen here on YouTube

Sharon Van Etten took my breathe away back in 2019, when I discovered her work. At the time, she released the amazing Remind Me Tomorrow and it brought much joy, melancholia, and retrospection upon the first spin. Since that time, I’ve listened to her music every now and then, and have heard it playing at my local coffee shop when I stop by to get some whole beans. It brings a warm smile to my face, and ‘On Your Way Now’ is no exception ๐Ÿ˜‰

Billy Idol – ‘Eyes Without a Face’ (Poolside Remix) | Listen here on YouTube

Normally, I cannot stand remixes. Most of the time, they lose their originality or don’t add much depth to warrant any change. However, there is the occasional remix that throws that notion out the window and throttles my ears. Enter ‘Eyes Without A Face’ (Poolside Remix) one of my favorites from Billy Idol, with a new splash of electronic blush, dripping with soothing melancholic energy. Give this 1984 track, a 2021 spin and melt away.

Every Time I Die – ‘AWOL’ | Listen here on YouTube

Prepare for a head bang and a throttle, cause it’s time to go ‘AWOL!’ Every Time I Die is an east coast metalcore band that has a fun time going up to 11, with an occasional southern drawl that charms the soul. I’ve seen these lads about 3 or 4 times, and they have some of the most intense live shows! Complete with 24/7 stage dives, circle pits, and hardcore dancing. I, myself, value my life and tend to stay to the side or near the front speakers (don’t worry I wear earplugs, and you should to for each concert you go to), but I have a blast each and every time (I die) lol. I hope you can enjoy this little adrenaline-filled lyric video, and allow your ears to bleed just a tad.

Sufjan Stevens – ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ | Listen here on YouTube

A few years ago, I watched Call Me By Your Name directed by Luca Guadagnino and was just enamored by the love, the story, and the music by Sufjan Stevens. Once again, they have teamed up for a music video that encompasses the art of Alessio Bolzoni & Celia Hempton, and it is a heartbreaker. I hope you can sink into disappear with the beauty that unfolds.

That’s it! I hope you can spend a little time with some of these songs and maybe discover something new. Maybe it inspired you to listen to an old favorite? Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your afternoon and lose yourself.

Thanks for reading, I’m not Jonesing around ๐Ÿ˜‰

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