2021 in YouTubeland

My ‘extra’ shelf displaying both film and television boxsets

Time is a basterd, isn’t it? Our time here is short, but how we spend it and who we spend it with really determines our perspective on that ticking time-bomb. One of my biggest revelations this year was prioritizing that clock. With all this extra time that was given to us all due to our current global situation, I had more time to watch films, listen to music, read books, and just stay around the house doing just about anything. I loved it at first, but realized how diminishing that was becoming with little to no direction in my day-to-day.

Enter YouTube, my saving grace. I’ve talked about the platform before with all those wonderful people that I’ve met through the film collecting community; it has really been a bright spot to the year. Looking back to right around June 2020, I started focusing more on what I wanted my channel to become and the direction that it would head. Discussing films from new releases to boutique label blu-rays was a mainstay for the channel, but I wanted to expand upon the channel and start communicating with others who share that passion and love of film. And I did just that.

Collaborating with my friends brought a new found love of the platform and for collecting physical media. During this time, I met with many of my new friends and we shared stories from all walks of life. This was much needed therapy for all of our isolation. Speaking of therapy, there was sales galore! Many of our favorite labels had additional sales that would increase our collections and brought us happiness. But with all these new friends, blu-ray sales, and increased in activity on YouTube, it got me thinking about what the new year would truly bring. And Eureka (Masters of Cinema) I think I’ve got it!

It’s about prioritizing what you already have. Several of my new friends have started thinking about scaling back their spending habits, and to prioritize what they already own. Plastic and cardboard nestling on wooden shelving, collecting dust and the occasional eye. I didn’t want that constant collecting with no return. It’s buying for the packaging, it’s buying for others to see, it’s buying for the sake of buying. Time to change that priority for the new year.

Many of you may be asking, where is he going with this? It’s simple. I want to give you a rundown of my plans for what I will be covering on my channel for 2021. I’ll also need your help, dear reader (or viewer). I will need strong willed friends who can help be a pillar of strength for not spending money like I normally do, ones that can hold me accountable. With that being said, let me give you a basic rundown of what I have planned for the upcoming year in YouTubeland:

Indicator’s Hammer Volume 1: Fear Warning! set
  1. My Hammer Journey

I started my Hammer journey in 2020 with all of the Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing Dracula films, and it was a ton of fun! I even chronicled my adventures on my friend Daniel’s podcast Cobwebs (listen here). But this was just the start…I wanted to watch all of the Hammer films that I could get my hands on, and it wasn’t until I started collecting the Hammer Volume sets from Indicator, did I fall in love. Collecting them all was fun and all, but I needed time to watch and enjoy (or not) each of the films. And that’s where My Hammer Journey begins.

I have decided to primarily collect Hammer films in the upcoming year, if I collect anything (remember I am trying to scale back). But it will begin with the films that I do have in my collection, starting with some boxsets. Recently, I uploaded a video discussing the first set from Indicator, Hammer Volume 1: Fear Warning! and had a blast watching Maniac (1963), The Gorgon (1964), The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964), and Fanatic (1965). I’ll be exploring more of these films in the coming year, and could not be more excited to laugh, cry, and even get a little scared.

100 Years of Movies Series still from 2018

2. Reviving the 100 Years of Movies Series!

One of my favorite segments from my YouTube channel, was starting this series back in early 2018. During the entire year, I decided to pick my favorite film for each and every year starting from 1918 to 2018. I broke it down into ten videos, more or less going through each decade of film to the current era. It was a shit ton of work! And I loved every second of it. But now that a few years have passed and my viewing habits have changed, I begin contemplating revisiting the series and how I might approach it in a new light.

First, I thought about asking my new found friends on the platform and how I would love to tackle this series with them, discussing their favorite films for the each year. But talking to my first guest (it’s a surprise!), they presented a fresh idea and spin on the series! Instead of going through each and every year, the video would have a guest who would have their top five films of that decade, discuss the history of that time, and the genres/types of films being made at that time. Along with my guest, I would have my top five films chosen and would have my own experiences to bring to the table. A true back and forth in a collaborative effort, I love it! Keeping my fingers crossed that this series will come to fruition 🤞

Criterion Boxsets of Agnès Varda and Ingmar Bergman

3. Unboxing Bergman and Unboxing Varda

In early 2019, my friend Cris Hurtado (Hurtastic Reviews) attempted to tackle the mighty Ingmar Bergman Cinema boxset from Criterion, seen here. We made it through the Opening Night segment from the curated order from the set, but eventually life happened and we could not finish it. We put Bergman on pause. For 2021, I hope to revitalize this series with the help of Cris (if he’s available) but if he is not, I would still enjoy talking about these films and finally finishing this behemoth of a set. From the nine films that we covered and the ones that I have seen from Bergman before, I know I am going to enjoy the ride and in all variety of emotion.

For the latter half of the year, a similar project has been discussed with my roommate Palmer. We want to explore the works of Agnès Varda, and more specifically The Complete Films of Agnès Varda from Criterion. Palmer has been a fan of her work and I know would be the perfect friend to unbox this set with, taking our time navigating Varda’s filmography and life. I don’t know when this venture will start, but be on the lookout for both the Bergman and Varda unboxings.

Film Journey Series (w/Movie Chatter)

4. Film Journey and Book Journey Series Continues!

This announcement is a no-brainer. The film and book journeys of my friends have only just begun! Each journey has shed light into our different tastes, attitudes, and life experiences with our favorite mediums. I learn so much from just listening to each and every one of them, and I hope that everyone who listens does too. I have several mapped out for the coming year with more to follow! And who knows there might be a venture into music…😏

5. Blu-Ray Hauls, Queue Series, and Miscellaneous

Last, but certainly not least are the mainstays of my channel: blu-ray hauls, my queue/recommendation series, and other miscellaneous topics about film. These won’t be going away and will always be videos that I love making. Blu-ray hauls may go down in numbers just a tad with my priorities shifting to buying less, but there will certainly still be some on the way. My Queue/Recommendation Series will be about the films that I am currently watching outside of all these tentative projects listed above (I’ll do the best I can, lol). Other videos and collaborations will also be present, but only time will tell.

Obviously, I don’t want to take all the fun out of watching films and producing content that is incredibly curated or structured. I will still be watching films based on how I am feeling and making videos on random things that I am interested in at the time. But going into 2021 with a little direction, with some priority shifting, and with the friends and people that truly care, I know that I’ll make that time count. Time to move forward, let’s step on the basterd’s toes.

What are your 2021 plans? Do you have any goals or resolutions in mind? What are you most excited about on the channel?

Thanks for reading, I’m not Jonesing around 😉

6 thoughts on “2021 in YouTubeland

  1. Although I do not know if I can approve of your cutting back on Blu-rays (you know … cause of the benefits they bring to me) … I do think the rest of your 2021 plans sound amazing. I especially like the idea of people talking about their favorite films from each decade. Depending on how many people do a particular decade, it will be interesting to see how tastes vary from person to person and how many touchstone films land in different peoples lists.

    I also think it would be interesting to hear from people outside of just the “artsy” film circle. Like, what’s your moms favorite films of the 90’s or one of your grandparents favorite films of the 60s or 70s.

    Anyway …. love following you on your film journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love these ideas Kyle! I’ll have to see whether or not they feel comfortable being in front of a camera, haha. And I know that you wouldn’t enjoy my holding back, can’t give you all the goodness 😉


  2. Wow. WHAT A POST! Honestly, your plans for 2021 all sound awesome. I’m especially excited for the 100 Years of Movies series and I can’t wait to find out who your first guest will be! Looking forward to seeing more Film & Book Journeys too. I always really enjoy watching those.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m going to be the devil on your shoulder and say buy as many (or as little) blu rays as you want. I think as long as your intention is to watch the movie then it’s worth picking up, regardless of how long it takes to actually watching it. Also I’m a sucker for blu ray hauls so I might be bias…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I think you have the right idea going in. I think I will be getting some purchases that warrant a haul, but I will maybe put them at the end of the month and it would be only a few titles. Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend!


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